What do our retreats include?


Daily Scheduled activities


- 7 days/6 nights accommodations in our luxury villa

-Daily yoga and meditation

-Running, walking, dancing, volleyball, calisthenics (we create programs that accommodate all)

- In-house Meals

- Bullet Journaling

- Vision Board Parties

- And more Fun Events!

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Our Products and Services

4 and 7 day Retreats:


Upstate Retreats (food included)

4 days $650 or 3 payments totaling $800

7 days $1,125 or 3 payments totaling $1,350

Caribbean Island Retreats (Flights and food included) 

4-day $1,200 paid in full 3 payments totaling $1,500

7 days $1,850 paid in full or 3 payments totaling $2,250


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Disclaimer: $300 deposit non-refundable.