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Jay Sooknanan, Published Author, Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker 

This book aims to help people understand that many people face periods of anxiety and depression and to help them get past that. I want to show people how I found my purpose in life and how I am currently working toward fulfilling that, while staying true to my own morals and principles. I am exploring my personal journey from fear and self-doubt to confidence and faith in myself and my life. 

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Veni Persaud, Health Coach, Professional Speaker

This book is filled with some of the most fun and easy entrees and desserts. Short, simple and healthy. Mixed with a bunch of flavor that will have your tastebuds exploding. Some of the recipes are inspired by the caribbean community that brings the most unique flavor to make vegan lifestyle very simple using the most easiest ingredients that you already have right in your kitchen.

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Get to where you want to go. How do you reach the end goal? You reach there in your daily habits. Keep track of all facets of life and control your destiny. Combined a bullet journal and wellness journal for maximum impact in your life. Good luck and enjoy.

The Everything Journal will transform your life and help keep you on track to success by you monitoring your daily habits. The Journal helps you to establish your purpose, goals, routines and more. Habits define where a person will end up. Find out where you want to go and how you will get there. Observe how you can change your daily routines to the ones that will lead you to success. Design the habits that will lead to your success. You decide what you do.

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What's your purpose? What are your goals? Figure out your real dreams, keeping the end in mind? Eradicate blockages and figure out what you need to succeed. Stay on track and change your life. Journal supplement is "The Ultimate 30-day Journal" and this workbook is derived from "Abundance a Journey from Anxiety and Depression"